About JoYo

My name is Jonathan Young aka Jo-Yo. I’m a filmmaker and photographer with a variety of experiences. Most of my career has been spent with the military as a public affairs broadcaster and photojournalist. Before I started doing media for the military, I worked in advertising and made commercial videos. I started with a mini DV camera and new software called Final Cut Pro. This was back in the last century. Since I have been passionate about film, I finally decided to get my bachelor's degree in cinematography from Full Sail University. This has filled in gaps I was missing to work in the film industry.

Although I’m in my 40s, I work well with people of all ages. I feel my age is an asset with the life experience I bring to a project. I am hard working, dependable, and have realistic expectations of what work is like. I also handle the stressful environment of a film set exceptionally well. I’m used to making a project with little time and little to no help. I feel I bring three major strengths to a set. First I’m great at troubleshooting things quickly and adjusting with solutions. I am also the person you can ask to do something and not worry if it will get done right or at all. Lastly, I know how to have fun, but be professional. This makes for a good work environment.

I have won several awards in the Air Force media contest. Probably the one I’m most proud of is a team award for a project that I wrote and directed. The best acknowledgments I’ve received in my career are laughs and tears. Connecting with an audience to me is the most gratifying feedback I can receive as a storyteller. Working with me is guaranteed to make some aspect of your production better for everyone involved.

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